Inbound Customer Service

Make Every Connection Count

Customer service is more important than ever before and customers are demanding more and more than the past. With ConneXio you can close the gap between your customers’ goals and your solutions. Utilizing sophisticated technology including ACD Intelligent Call Routing, Self-Help IVRs, Customer Notes and History and more – your agents are able to connect with your customers, and make those connections truly count. 

6-7 X

Attracting a new customer is 6-7x more expensive than retaining a current one.


Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.


89% of consumers have switched to doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.


91% of customers who are unhappy with a brand will just leave without complaining.

ACD & Intelligent Routing

Maximize opportunities by directing customers to the best agent for the job

Omnichannel Service

Allow customers to reach you in their preferred channel at any time they desire

Contact Automation

Set automated, rule-based contact rules to send notifications and reminders – helping to maximize the overall customer experience

Proactive Engagement

Deliver personalized messages, such as appointment reminders, via voice or SMS. Offer automatic callbacks so patients and members don’t have to wait on hold.

Create Loyal Customer Advocates Improve Customer Experience Increase Brand Integrity

Give your customers a great experience and they’ll be your biggest advocate. Leverage good experiences with your customers to help maximize customer retention, referrals and cross-selling due to the trust in your brand. 


Create self-service IVRs and Virtual Assistants to help your customers handle issues on their own

Scale Quickly

Rapidly scale up and down during emergencies and peak times to handle any of your changing needs

Staff Anywhere

Enable a 100% remote workforce with world-wide networks

Leverage Data

Support your team with real-time KPIs, coaching capabilities and key insights using analytics

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